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The moving industry has an unfortunate stereotype.  “A furniture mover is just hired muscle.  He is not a skilled worker.  Anyone with a strong back can do that job.  It’s a minimum wage position for minimum wage workers.”  
This stereotype exists for many reasons.  Some are due to common industry practices.  Some are due to peoples misconceptions about movers.  Anyone can say they are furniture mover.  Can they come equipped with both the experience and equipment necessary to professionally complete the task?  That’s the question.  A professional comes professionally equipped.   Are you hiring a professional or the stereotype?  When you hire J.C. Moving Co., You are always hiring people on the professional level.

Your belongings are valuable..

The term professional relocation is often used by our company and others. What does it mean?  Often I have heard about “movers” not properly protecting furniture before it leaves the home. Note I said before.  When the furniture reaches their truck. They may drape a blanket or sheet over it.  This isn’t professional relocation.
Our skilled professionals enter the room, assesses the furniture and develop a plan.  That plan differs with the furniture and home. Typically, the furniture is prepped in the room. Then taken to the truck when needed. The drape method has a purpose but isn’t usually the primary method of furniture protection.   There are even circumstances that require an item be moved without padding.  The common reason is due to limited space.  Occasionally a half inch of clearance does matter.  When we encounter those circumstances, we discuss the situation with the homeowner.  Explain why it has to be done and the risks involved and proceed according to their wishes. 

Recently, We were relocating a high value custom dining table.  Our client was so grateful for the level of care we showed the table.  Coincidentally, the neighbor across the street was also moving.  My client observed the other movers piling heavy book boxes onto his neighbors dining table.  He asked me how I would have packed the truck.  I informed him his table was to be disassembled and nothing was to be piled onto it.  I also informed him that inside of the truck, if you calculate the cubic feet above a table and estimate the weight, a table could have upwards of 600 pounds sitting on it.  But that weight estimate could go much higher depending on the weight of each box.  Our client noted that his neighbors table had a serious bow in the middle.  He was very happy we knew what we were doing.  Simply put, our crew is trained in proper preparation, handling and loading procedure to ensure safe transport of your furniture.

Their way.


Here we have a Stearns and Foster foundation placed directly on the ground without any protection whatsoever. What the image doesn’t illustrate is that the box spring is also crushing flowers and other landscaping. How did this happen? The client had their home remodeled. As part of the quote, the contractor offered to move the contents of the home to storage.  They accomplished this task with their pickup trucks.  The mattress and box springs was amongst the items being kept in the garage because the homeowners specifically wanted them kept clean.  The bulk of the furniture and boxes was being stored at a local storage facility.  That facility recommended our services to the client. We were given the task of returning the stored items to the home.   As a courtesy, the contractor offered to empty the garage.   It is my job to be aware of my crew and surroundings. I observed the contractors “movers” denting walls, scratching the hardwood floors and of course getting these cloth items dirty.    I took our client aside and explained what I observed.  He asked us to complete the portion of the job that the contractor volunteered to do.  We respect the skills of good contractors. In fact, J.C. Moving Co. has amongst its ranks people who have multiple skills including tile flooring, painting and drywall, rough and finish carpentry and other fields. However the people, we work with are also trained furniture movers.  They are aware of and adhere to the professional standards that come with this line of work.  

Our way.

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Our time tested techniques ensure that your valuables are relocated without damage.  Proper furniture preparation has multiple effects throughout the course of a work day.  The time invested properly protecting the furniture saves time in other areas of the move.  While carrying the furniture out of and into the home.  While packing the truck.  And of course it saves time correcting mistakes.


“Do you have tools? My last mover didn’t have any tools at all!” This is the most common question we have fielded over the years. Most moving companies carry few, if any tools. This is surprising to many people. Nothing is worse than finding out on the day of the move that you need to buy tools for your “mover”. Most of our clients don’t even own basic hand tools. When they hire us they expect us to be prepared with our own tools and equipment. Which is how it should be. Does a plumber ask you for a pipe wrench to install your water heater? No. He brings his own. How can a mover remove a mirror or unhook a washing machine without tools? Most “movers’ do not equip their trucks with much more than a few basic hand tools (Philips and Flat tip screwdriver and Hammer are industry standard) because their men usually aren’t trained well enough in general furniture disassembly and reassembly. Some won’t even disassemble home furnishings. This leads to the next question.

You have a truck right? I mean a real truck not a pickup or SUV.”

The first time I heard this question, I have to say I was rather surprised.  Well yes, I do own an SUV that we use for delivering materials and shuttling the crew.  During that particular conversation the client elaborated.  Their last “mover”  showed up with only a pickup!  The client went on  to say  the “movers” stacked their furniture and boxes dangerously high! Without using a single pad.  This resulted in damage from the furniture rubbing together. Not to mention they were taking a considerable risk that something would fall off of their pickup.  I assure you as seasoned professionals, we would never show up to your home with equipment that is inappropriate to the situation.  In 3 decades only a handful of times was a pickup an appropriate vehicle to bring in conjunction with other equipment.  And those circumstances were in no way related to moving an entire household filled with valuable personal belongings. We always bring what is necessary to professionally complete the job.


Some Items are irreplaceable.

Ask yourself these questions. Do I know how to properly pack my fine China and Crystal for relocation?  Do I have the time to find packing materials?  Do I know what materials I need?  Our crew stands ready to pack your personal belongings properly and professionally!


We like our moves to pass the white glove test!

What about my carpets and hardwood floors? Take off your shoes! “The last “mover” tracked mud across my white carpet and dented my hardwood floor. Amazing what wiping your feet at the door can do.  It’s a simple courtesy to someone’s home.  If the last guys damaged your flooring that means they didn’t take appropriate measures to ensure damage didn’t occur.  We take measures that drastically reduce and even eliminate the possibility of your floors being dirtied or damaged.  Some of our techniques are standard to the industry and some are only practiced by our company.  Our methods are proven to work.

Who do you call to hang your artwork and flat screen televisions?   Or install my dishwasher and other  appliances? I also have computers and other electronics to disconnect. 

When we say we are full service, we mean it. Any appliance we disconnect and move will be reinstalled unless you request otherwise.  Hanging artwork and flat screen televisions  is simply another facet of our work.  What home today is without electronics?   Many other companies refuse to accomplish these task..  Our crew views this; as moving homes in the twenty first century.  Anything we disconnect we will gladly reconnect.

Furniture Disassembly

If you take it apart can you get it back together? The last guys lost all the screws to everything they took apart. Of course. Our crew stands on decades of experience in this area of furniture relocation. Do we carry a variety of tools? Absolutely! Our trucks are equipped with a set of tools, which cover most commonly encountered disassembly scenarios. This alone goes far above industry standard. If we encounter a situation where a non-standard tool is required. We will gladly bring that along also. And more important than having the tool, our crew knows how to use it. We have the experience necessary to reassemble whatever we disassemble.

The other company gave me a window of delivery.  How long until you could get my belongings unloaded?

We offer expedited loads. 

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Junk Removal

Yes we do that too! No need to make another call. One piece or a truck load. We can dispose of it all!

Solutions for the Office


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